Sim Unlocking Chips

These Carrier Unlocking Chips allow you to use ANY iPhone/iPad
on any GSM carrier. Even if your current iPhone/iPad is not paid off!

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Updating the IOS
DOES NOT re-lock the phone using THESE chips
as it does with some of
the " other" unlocking chips on the market!

How to use these Carrier unlocking sims.
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Please See Sim Unlocking Directions
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ATTENTION: Sim Unlocking Only Lets You Use The Iphone On Any GSM Carrier
Nothing More, Nothing Less!
Does Not Remove Any Icloud Lock Or Activation Lock
Full Details And Instructions Are Included
Please Know How To Use These Before Purchasing
No Other Support Is Offered-Thank You
Phone Flipping 101-RSIM User Guide
Introduction to RSIM:

 RSIM’s can be an amazing addition to your business. You can use them to do unlocks for customers. But it’s important to first understand the basics. 

 An RSIM is not a magical cure-all for any troubled iPhone. Just remember it only has one function, to bypass the carrier lock check and

 Additionally, these points are extremely important:

1. RSIMs ONLY work on iPhones/iPads. They will not work on any other devices.

2. Using an RSIM doesn’t actually alter anything on the iPhone itself. When you edit the ICCID, you’re programming the RSIM, not
the iPhone. So, you don’t have to worry about voiding warranties etc.

3. RSIMs will NOT unlock or bypass iCloud. If there is an iCloud on the device already you MUST have the password to complete the
process. Using an RSIM will force you to go through the activation process and an iCloud on the device will pop up an activation

lock requiring you to enter the iCloud password. Without it, you will not be able to finish the process.
4. RSIMs will NOT change the blacklist or finance status of an iPhone. All it does is bypass the carrier lock so it will still keep any
blacklist or finance status it currently has. However, if it is bad esn on only one carrier, using an RSIM can help you continue to
use it on a different one. Please make sure to check if the iPhone is blacklisted.

5. You must have the latest iOS installed in order for the RSIM to work.

6. In order for RSIMs to work, you need a live carrier SIM card prior to using them. Also please note, that with  Metro
PCS, after you get the phone unlocked with the live SIM, you will still need to call the carrier so they can pair the IMEI of the
phone with the SIM card. You will not get any service until you do so. Make sure to write down the carrier SIM card info first.

7. This version of the RSIM is a SINGLE use RSIM. Sadly, the days of reusable RSIMs are over at least for now. Once you apply the
RSIM to the carrier SIM, you should consider that RSIM USED. These have very delicate circuits, and if you are too rough
removing them, they will generally get damaged and no longer work.

8. If you remove the SIM/RSIM from the phone, it will also remove the unlock. To be 100% clear, if the ICCID you programmed the
RSIM with is still valid, you can technically put it back into the phone and it will still stay unlocked. But because the ICCID can
change frequently, you’re taking a big risk. I always recommend leaving it in the phone once it’s set.

9. If you/customer perform a factory reset on the phone, it will clear the unlock. This happens because it forgets the initial
activation that happened when you first used the RSIM. By the time you reset the iPhone, the ICCID you used originally will have
undoubtedly changed and you’ll need a new RSIM and current ICCID.

Carrier Compatibility:

 It's also important to know which carriers will open up after using an RSIM. It’s different based on the original carrier of the
iPhone. Most importantly, remember that NO Sprint iPhone will EVER work on Verizon or any Verizon MVNO (Page Plus,
Spectrum, Total Wireless, Straight Talk CDMA, etc). So, if it was originally a sprint phone, it will only open up the GSM
networks. Keep in mind, this rsim unlock will only allow iPhones to work on any GSM CARRIER ONLY!

Instructions on how to use the RSIM:
1. Remove the blue film from RSIM and stick the sticky side of the RSIM to the side of the carrier SIM with gold contacts (match 
the cut corners)

2. Insert the Carrier SIM with the RSIM attached into the SIM tray and insert the tray into the phone. Sometimes it takes a little

3. Once inserted into a powered-on iPhone, you should see the menu pop up and quickly vanish. Wait a short time and it will

4. Select “Edit ICCID” and then type in the current ICCID and press send. Then hit the Accept button on the next screen. Now
Reboot the phone
5. Follow the activation process. You must be connected to Wi-Fi and have the iCloud password. At the home screen, the process
is complete.

 Remember, to keep this simple, Rsim unlocked phones will not work on Sprint or Verizon. ONLY GSM networks. You must already
have the active sim card from the GSM carrier you want to use. Once the unlocking is complete, do NOT open the sim card tray, or factory
restore the phone.

 Doing so will revert the unlock back to locked and you will need to do the whole process again with a new rsim. Make sure to tell your
customers this also. If they restore the phone or open sim card tray, you will require an extra payment to unlock it again.

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